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The following are the guiding principles followed in all of the USPF's Programmes and Projects.

  • Co-location/infrastructure Sharing: It is obligatory for operators/service providers to share all infrastructure funded by the USPF with other operators/service providers at reasonable prices to ensure the USPF does not fund the creation of local monopolies
  • Social Inclusion: All USPF projects are designed and implemented in a manner which ensures equitable access to ICT services by vulnerable groups and disadvantaged interests i.e. the elderly, physically challenged, women and children in the community.
  • Geographic coverage: USPF programmes and projects are developed for States of the Federation, and provide service to un-served and under-served areas and communities.
  • Promote Private Sector Investment: Programmes and projects stimulate increased private sector investments in un-served and under-served areas.
  • Encourage Competition: As much as possible, competition is encouraged among operators by applying transparent and competitive mechanisms to allocate USPF financing and subsidies.
  • Promote Consumer Interest: The ultimate goal of the USPF transcends facilitating the availability of telecommunications services but that they are accessible and affordable by the target beneficiaries.
  • Sustainability: the USPF gives priority to programmes and projects that are self-sustaining and do not require subsidies on continuous basis.
  • Foster Economic and Social Development: USPF Programmes and Projects focus on the productive application of ICTs for economic, social and cultural development.
  • Consultation, Transparency and Accountability: There is emphasis on stakeholder input and shared understanding of USPF programmes. This is achieved through open consultations with all key public, private and civil society stakeholders.
  • Quality of Service: the USPF enforces compliance with quality of service standards with respect to its projects.
  • Technology Neutrality: USPF programmes and projects are guided by the principle of technology neutrality and allow the market place to define the best technology solutions.

Projects at a Glance

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